What You Need to Know About Professional Building Engineers & When To Hire Them

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While Canada has established some standards for home inspections, the building inspection industry is still largely unregulated in our great nation. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the profound value of hiring a building engineer with the highest level of expertise and credentials.

Learn more about building engineers and when to hire them below:

What does a building engineer do?

Structural engineering is one of many branches of civil engineering, involving the designing of buildings, bridges, tunnels, and other vital structures.

Most structural engineers, like those at Keller Engineering Engineers, work as consultants for special projects. Supporting architects and contractors, engineer’s help to ensure buildings meet specific codes and requirements.

Though structural engineers are often consulted before a building is designed and built, they can also provide service in inspecting, demolition, or redesigning of a structure that poses a threat to safety.

Why would I hire a licenced professional engineer over someone with an engineering degree?

P.Eng. status signifies that an engineer is legally and ethically responsible for their work, and holds public safety paramount. Professional engineers also maintain the highest levels of competence, continually upgrade your knowledge; and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

When should I hire a structural engineer?

What other qualifications should a building engineer have?

At a minimum, engineers should have completed an accredited engineering program, have worked for four years under the direction of other engineers, and have passed a comprehensive state board exam. They should also be bound by a code of ethics that requires that they limit their practice to areas in which they have expertise. Finally, they should have completed training courses to further their knowledge.

To learn more about the aptitude of our Keller Engineering Engineers team, please visit our Qualifications page.

When should I hire a structural engineer?

Building and structural engineers should be hired when you require expertise concerning the soundness of your home, condo, or commercial building.

Structural engineers will determine the integrity of a home or building and can provide detailed reports and solutions to various concerns.

Who should hire building engineers?

There are four main groups of people who can significantly benefit from the services of a building engineer company like Keller Engineering:

Condominium Owners or Managers

Building engineers can provide condo managers with condominium services such as Performance Auditing, Reserve Fund Studies, and BB19R Builder.

Commercial Building Owners or Managers

Engineers can provide commercial building owners with services such as PCA, Phase I ESA, Diagnosis & Repair, and Commercial Building Design Services.

Residential Homeowners & Builders

Building engineers can provide homeowners with Structural Inspection, Problem Solving, New Construction Inspection, Home Inspection, and Residential Design services.

Real Estate Agents

Building engineers can provide detailed home inspections help to protect the reputations of real estate agents who want to provide transparent service to their clients.

To learn more, check out our article, 4 Reasons Real Estate Agents Need a Trusted Inspection Partner.

Why should I hire Keller Engineering Engineers?

Keller Engineering Engineers is an engineering firm that specializes in all aspects of building evaluation services for commercial, industrial, residential and condominium properties. An affiliate of Keller Engineers, our goal is to establish a professional reputation of integrity, honesty, and thoroughness throughout every project.

We serve homeowners, construction supervisors, real estate agents, and others in the Greater Toronto Area – including DufferinPeel, and Halton regions.

This includes TorontoMississaugaBramptonGeorgetownOrangevilleOakvilleBurlington, and Milton.

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