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Reasons To Choose Keller Engineering

Keller Engineering is comprised of professional engineers with decades of experience and training. We care about every part of the process, from the initial conversation and audit to your understanding of the results and next steps.

“Keller Engineering Engineers is a critical Partnerfor our custom design/build projects.The CJE Team brings to each Project an incredible peace of mind through theirimmense experience, broad knowledge, and service offerings. They are key to ensuringour clients’ dwellings are well assessed for the progress of our custom design conceptsinto construction, and their structural engineering solutions are concisely documentedthrough a written brief and quality renderings. Keller Engineering Engineers is a stellarEngineering Firm and we would highly recommend them for every critical build!.”

— Lori McNeil-Chong, McNeil Design Group Interiors

load bearing wall

Load Bearing Wall Removal

Load-bearing walls are designed to support the weight of the floors, ceilings, and roof, and their removal without proper support can result in structural failure and even collapse of the building. 

It’s critical to have a professional engineer examine the walls to determine whether they are load-bearing. 

At Keller Engineering, our professional engineers will use various techniques to determine the load-bearing capacity of the walls, including analyzing the building plans, inspecting the structure, and performing calculations.

Detailed view of foundation repair process

Foundation Repair

You want to feel safe in your home and have peace of mind knowing that its structure is strong and there is no risk of danger to you or your loved ones. If you want to finish your basement, install a laundry room, add a walk-out, or make other significant changes, you need to ensure that your foundation is structurally sound and can accommodate your wishes.

Ensure Your Project Is Accurate & Granted Permits