Engineering Consulting Firms in Southern Ontario

Keller Engineering stands as one of Southern Ontario’s premier engineering consulting firms, offering building assessments as well as modifications, rehabilitation, and repairs services. 

We offer services for condominiums, commercial/residential buildings, and public facilities across Canada. Our methods are cost-effective while designed to minimize disruption – Our Keller engineering team talks quickly with customers and keeps everything clear.

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Since 1982, we have undertaken various projects for condominium boards and property managers throughout Southern Ontario. 

Our engineering consulting firm in Southern Ontario can assist in saving costs and protecting asset values by offering creative solutions and opening up avenues of potential improvement within your project. We excel at finding innovative ways of solving issues efficiently while our fresh viewpoint will open doors of possibility in terms of improvement and development of projects.

Southern Ontario residents trust us for HVAC system and electrical installation services that help reduce gas and electric bills with smart planning, energy-saving modifications, and other measures.

Reserve Fund Studies – Southern Ontario Property Solutions also specializes in reserve fund studies to assist our clients. A successful study can assist in creating a financial plan, ascertain adequate funding levels, and predict property values accurately.


We have proudly catered to southern Ontario’s engineering needs and helped clients get the most out of their investments by searching out innovative solutions and adhering to the best practices.

Engineering To Meet Your Condominium Needs

We have had great success collaborating with condo management groups throughout southern Ontario. We have helped them out with a range of services that include:

  • Reserve Fund Planning
  • Reserve Fund Studies
  • Performance Audits
  • Technical Checks
  • Deeper Investigations
  • Energy Savings Initiatives & Grant Applications
  • Design and manage renovation projects in buildings while they are still in use
  • Upgrade and repair mechanical and electrical systems

Engineering For Commercial and Residential Buildings

Keller Engineering has provided property owners in southern Ontario with assistance for new construction, modifications, upgrades, and equipment installations since 1982. Our services span an entire building’s structure – roof to foundation. Our clients include owners of commercial complexes, community housing projects, co-ops retirement homes single-family houses.
Services offered in southern Ontario include:

  • We evaluate buildings to check their condition
  • We also handle new construction and adding onto existing buildings
  • Inside, we help customize spaces for tenants
  • We investigate and test things when needed
  • We offer energy audits and help with grants
  • Building rehabilitation project design and coordination in occupied properties
  • We handle upgrades and repairs for mechanical and electrical systems

Engineering For Public Buildings

Public buildings require ongoing upgrades due to heavy usage. We work on projects for schools, government buildings, institutions, and embassies alike – as well as helping clients estimate future costs associated with maintenance.
Our services for public buildings in Southern Ontario include:

  • Checking the condition of buildings
  • Designing and organizing renovations while people are still using the building
  • Investigating and testing the structures and systems
  • Planning and managing maintenance & repair projects
  • Upgrading and fixing mechanical and electrical systems

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