Milton Building Inspection & Engineering Services

We’re your local choice for building inspections in Milton.

Just like the Town of Milton, Keller Engineering Engineers has become stronger as we’ve grown. We’ve also become more collaborative, have enhanced our skills alongside innovation, and have worked hard to develop our team.

That’s why we’re proud to work with businesses, building owners, and residents of Milton, to effectively strengthen the foundation of the town – literally and figuratively.

It’s great to work, play, and build in Milton – and we’re here to make things safer and stress-free.

If you’re a construction manager, architect, or building owner in need of expert and data-driven inspections, the engineers at Keller Engineering Engineers are ready to get started on your project.

Getting Started

To successfully comply with the Ontario Building Code, which is achieved through mandatory inspections for permits, contact Keller Engineering at 1-888-940-0571. We’re available to answer your questions & concerns about building inspections in Milton, Milton Engineering, and can get started right away.

Our Milton Engineering Services

If you need engineering or inspection services in Milton, the engineers at Keller Engineering are standing by to support your project. We’re ready to help in the following ways:

We provide residential services for individuals looking to protect their families, and for real estate agents looking for a partner in providing accurate inspections to their potential buyers. We can also provide services to identify and remove mould and asbestos.

We offer the highest quality of PCA, Phase I ESA, diagnosis and repair, and design services. Visit our commercial service page to learn more.

Within our Reserve Fund Studies, we provide recommendations for preventative maintenance in Milton condos. We may also consider options for improvements, enhancements, or compliance with newly enacted regulations.

We can also provide performance auditing, BB19R, cost estimating, bid solicitation, special engineering investigations, design and repair, and more. Visit our condominium services page to learn more.

Did you know?

  • Milton was once considered the fastest-growing municipality in Canada
  • Ernie Combs, aka ‘Mr. Dressup’ was from Milton
  • Chris Hadfield, the famous Canadian astronaut, grew up in Milton and took a photo of the town from the International Space Station

Contact Keller Engineering Engineers

We can provide service to sports centres, arenas, conservation centres, residence or retirement buildings, condos, industrial buildings, and more.

So, whether you work or live in Cobden, Dempsey, Milton Heights, Walker, Valleyview, or any other Milton neighbourhood, contact us today at 1-888-940-0571 for all of your reserve fund study and inspection needs.