Performance Audit

Spot Issues Before They Occur

Keller is proud to have a Certified Thermographer and Registered Roof Observer on our team to assist with your performance audit. This level of expertise allows us to deliver thermographic scans to determine ‘hot spots’ in electrical systems, garage ramps, and more. This level of assessment assists with discovering indications of premature failure — so you can spot and repair problems before they become significantly larger repairs down the road.

Powered by the Latest Technology

Our highly-skilled team of professional engineers uses the latest technology to ensure that you receive a comprehensive audit, including photos, cost estimates, and a detailed summary — so you can make informed decisions on necessary repairs and building code requirements for your condo.

What Is A Condo Engineering Performance Audit?

This critical audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a building’s systems, structures, and components that can be undertaken over a couple of years. This type of audit is best conducted by a licensed engineer and is designed to identify any potential problems or areas of concern in the building. The engineer will inspect the building’s systems, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and elevators, to determine if they are functioning properly and in compliance with local building codes and safety regulations. Once the audit is complete, the complete list of deficiencies and written report will be submitted to Tarion.

Why Is A Condo Performance Audit Important?

performance audit

Performance Audits are a mandatory review legislated under the Ontario Condominium Act 1998, and the audit is important for several key reasons: 

  • It will provide you with an accurate assessment of the building’s condition, which will help property managers, condo owners, and condo boards make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing and maintaining a condo building. 
  • The audit will identify any potential safety hazards, such as outdated electrical systems or poor plumbing, that could put residents at risk. 
  • It can help you avoid costly repairs down the road by identifying issues before they become significant problems or dangers.
  • Combined with a Reserve Fund Study, the performance audit can assist with builder warranties and, following needed repairs, building code compliance.

Our Condo Performance Audit Process

Here is what you can expect:

  1. An initial consultation between the auditor and the building’s management team. During this meeting, the auditor will review all provided engineering drawings, architectural drawings, repair and maintenance records, warranties/guarantees, and public offering statements, as well as discuss any areas of concern that the management team may have.
  2. We will visit the appropriate municipal offices to review the public documents and resolutions concerning the development, as needed.
  3. Our team will perform an on-site inspection, to determine any areas that have not been built in general conformance with the design documents or acceptable workmanship. We will inspect the building’s systems, structures, and components. This typically involves a visual inspection of the building’s exterior and interior, as well as testing of various systems, such as electrical and plumbing. The auditor will take measurements, gather data, and take photographs to document their findings.
  4. The auditor will prepare a Narrative Report, including details of each observed deficiency, possible cause(s) of the problems, recommendations for corrective action, associated costs, and a reference to any performance standard (i.e., deviation from design drawings, workmanship, etc.), where applicable.
  5. Option: We can also include a questionnaire for distribution to all residents to offer them the chance to voice any concerns with regards to the unit interiors in the common elements of the building.
  6. Once the written report has been reviewed by the condo corporation and board, we will share with Tarion and the builder.

Ensure Your Condo Is Safe & Compliant