Peel Region Building Inspection & Engineering Services

The Regional Municipality of Peel’s motto is “working for you,” and at Keller Engineering Engineers, we also work hard to put you and your safety first.

If you’re a construction manager, architect, or building owner in need of expert and data-driven building inspections, the engineers at Keller Engineering Engineers are ready to get started on your project.

Whether you need a Reserve Fund Study, PCAPhase I ESA, BB19R, or environmental services, we’re here for you.

As the second-largest municipality in Ontario, we understand that residents and business owners in the Peel Region work hard to support diversity, immigration, transportation, and water infrastructure, a booming consumer market, and rely on regulated building inspections to keep them safe.

That’s where Keller Engineering comes in.

We’re available to answer your questions & concerns about building inspections in Georgetown, Georgetown Engineering, and can get started right away. Contact Keller Engineering at 1-888-940-0571.

Our Peel Region Engineering Services

If you need inspection service in Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, or just outside The Region of Peel, the engineers at Keller Engineering are standing by to support your project.

We offer the following inspection & engineering services in Peel:

Fighting Mould & Asbestos in Peel Region

With many old buildings that have been around for years and years, an up-to-date building inspection is critical to ensure safety and building health. At Keller Engineering, we offer service in Indoor Air Quality – which includes mould remediation and abatement, as well as asbestos removal.

We also provide residential services for individuals looking to protect their families and for Peel realtors looking to provide accurate inspections to their buyers.

Performance auditingreserve fund studyBB19R, cost estimating, bid solicitation, special engineering investigations, design and repair, and more. Visit our condominium services page to learn more.

Did you know?

  • Peel County is named after Sir Robert Peel, a past Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
  • More than 560,000 immigrants are living in the Peel Region
  • Peel Region is home to the Pearson International Airport
  • One of Brampton’s welcome signs says “All roads lead to Brampton” as Brampton is accessible from the 401, 403, 407, 410, and the 427

Contact Keller Engineering Engineers

Whether your building is located in Mississauga by the Dixie Outlet Mall, or out Brampton way near Trinity Common, our Keller Engineering Peel Region Building Inspection Engineers deliver the inspection service and support you need. 

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