Drawing upon a collection of scientific knowledge and experience, Building Envelope Engineering focuses on the analysis and control of the physical phenomena affecting building and architecture. Understanding this physical behavior as a system and how this impacts energy efficiency, durability and comfort is essential to innovating and increasing the performance of buildings. As experts in Building Envelope Engineering, Keller Engineering applies this to repairs, rehabilitation, and modernization of properties. Our engineers understand the needs and requirements of occupied buildings, allowing us to design repair projects that limit disruption to the public while achieving the desired results.

Available Services:

  • Building Envelope Investigations
  • Building Envelope Design and Consulting
  • Building Envelope Visual Assessment Alberta
  • Building Condition Evaluations
    • Pre-Purchase Inspections
    • Building Condition Visual Assessments
    • Element Inspections
  • Building Cladding Renewals and Repairs Including:
    • Roofing
    • Windows
    • Masonry
    • Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS)
    • Stucco
    • Metal Cladding
  • Sealants
  • Historic Masonry Restoration
  • Grow-op Remediation
  • Testing and Instrumentation Including:
    • Roof Anchor Testing
    • Relative Humidity and Temperature Measurement
    • Infrared Scanning
    • Crack Monitoring

Services Specific to Condominium Corporations:

Structural Engineering

Keller Engineering uses its extensive experience with structural materials such as concrete, steel, and wood to carry out new designs or repairs to existing structures while paying particular attention to the support or resistance of loads brought on by a structure’s inherent use or the natural forces that occur in the surrounding environment. Through the latest research and techniques in design, construction, inspection, maintenance, and rehabilitation, the Keller team offers its clients peace of mind and cost-effective solutions.

Available Services:

  • Design of New Structures and Additions
  • Repairs to Existing Structures Including
    • Parking Garages
    • Balconies
    • Foundations
    • Wood Structures
    • Steel Structures
  • Structural Condition Visual Assessments
  • Seismic Design for Retail Tenant Fit-Ups

Civil Engineering

Concerned with all works including dams, bridges, roads, canals, water management, and buildings, Civil Engineering is a discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. Through planning, design, and thorough testing of private and public structures, Keller is able to assess the environmental impact of various projects, from small to large scale. Our civil engineers are experts in diverse materials and assess each material’s strengths and weaknesses for the parameters of every project: height, design, surrounding environment, safety, etc.

Available Services:

  • Design of Asphalt Pavement Repairs and Reconstruction
  • Storm Water Management
  • Topographic Surveying

Mechanical Engineering

Applying the principles of engineering and physics for the analysis, design, and maintenance of mechanical systems, mechanical engineers specialize in those systems specific to the daily operations of buildings. Keller Engineering maximizes the efficiency of these mechanical systems in order to reduce energy operating costs. These include but are not limited to HVAC, domestic water supply, and sanitary services.

Available Services:

  • Mechanical Systems Design
  • Building Performance Modeling
  • Tenant Fit-Ups
  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Rebate Applications

Electrical Engineering

Dealing with the practical application of electricity as it is related to communication and the distribution of power, electrical engineers design, develop, and maintain electrical systems required for building operations including lighting, emergency power distribution, heating, and ventilation. At Keller, our electrical engineers possess not only a focused understanding of their specialty but a broad grasp of engineering in general, enriching the daily lives of our customers through their expertise and openness.

Available Services:

  • Electrical Systems Design
  • Energy Audits
  • Tenant Fit-Ups