Foundation Repair

Ensure that your home’s foundation is in good condition before you renovate, finish your basement, or extend your living space.

You want to feel safe in your home and have peace of mind knowing that its structure is strong and there is no risk of danger to you or your loved ones. If you want to finish your basement, install a laundry room, add a walk-out, or make other significant changes, you need to ensure that your foundation is structurally sound and can accommodate your wishes.

Signs That Your Foundation Requires Repair

There are many signs that your foundation isn’t as strong as it should be and would benefit from repair. Some of the indications can be small and difficult to detect, which is why it’s always recommended to have a professional engineer assess your unique situation. Signs of a poor foundation include:

  • Interior wall separation
  • Foundation upheaval
  • Settling or sinking
  • Wall cracks
  • Warped siding
  • Bouncy floors
  • Damp basement
  • Mould in the basement
  • Doors & windows sticking
  • Uneven floors
  • And more

Ensure Your Home Is Safe