Foundation Inspection

Prevent significant repairs and keep your family safe by ensuring that your home’s foundation is in good condition.

A home is your largest investment. It’s more than just a structure. It’s a place that you can call your own. A space you can relax at the end of the day, start new traditions, raise a family, and make memories with friends. Your home should be safe and secure. Don’t leave anything to chance with the roof over your head. Get a professional assessment of your home so you can have peace of mind that your home is sound.

Keller Engineering is comprised of professional engineers with extensive experience and training. Our highly-skilled team uses the latest technology to ensure that you receive a comprehensive audit, including photos, cost estimates, and a detailed summary — so you can make informed decisions.

What Is A Foundation Inspection?

A foundation inspection is a visual inspection of a home’s foundation, conducted to identify any potential areas of concern that may need to be addressed, ideally before more significant repairs are needed. 

The foundation of your home is one of the most important components of its structure and, over time, it can crack and shift, causing a host of problems from cracked walls to more serious structural damage.

At Keller Engineering Engineers, we provide foundation inspections by professional engineers who are licensed by one of the 12 licensing bodies in Canada and adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards.

When Is A Foundation Inspection Required?

There are many reasons to request a foundation inspection, including:

  • Improving overall home value if the inspection is favourable.
  • Offering information to a potential buyer about the condition of the foundation.
  • Helping homeowners see where they need to manage their water runoff.
  • Preventing long-term health problems if mould is detected early.
  • Keeping family members safe.
  • Preventing future, significant damage if issues are caught early.

If there has been an emergency, you will want a foundation inspection. Types of emergency inspections include:

  • Severe earthquakes
  • Sinkholes
  • House hit by equipment or a vehicle
  • Severe flooding, mud, or heavy ice
  • Walls separating from the other walls
  • Bowing or bulging walls
  • Expansion joint separation

What Is Included In A Foundation Inspection?

Here is what you can expect during a foundation inspection:

  1. A member of our team will connect with you to discuss the inspection and arrange a suitable time to conduct the inspection.
  2. Our engineer will visually look for:
    • Bulges, curves, cracking, leaking
    • Cracking in interior/exterior brickwork
    • Bowing & honeycombing/flaking in walls
    • Imbalanced or sloping flooring
    • Floor tile cracking
    • Doors & windows that no longer fit their framework
    • Cavities between walls & the ceiling/floor
    • Damp walls & basement mould
    • Cracked windows
    • Windows that have loosened from their foundation
    • Large or horizontal cracks in the foundation
    • Cracks in the interior walls or ceilings
    • Water seeping into the basement
    • Standing water around the foundation
    • Bulging foundation
    • Soft or sloping floors
    • Cracked floor tiles
    • Rotting wood or mud tubes from termites
    • Doors & windows that recently started sticking
    • Mould or mildew in the basement
  3. Following the on-site inspection, the engineer will prepare a detailed written report outlining next steps and recommendations for repairs.

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