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Managed by seasoned engineers, our team specializes in methodical inspections, in-depth assessments, and comprehensive audits for your building projects. Our engineers develop cost-effective strategies to enhance the value of your property, offering sustainable returns on investment. Our methodology also ensures minimal disruption and maximum safety for both your occupants and the construction team. We take consider diverse elements—building materials, architectural design, environmental impact, deadline strategies, and compliance with statutory and societal norms— to create the most effective plan for your project. Greater Toronto Area-based clients benefit from our reserve fund studies, which provide a clear financial forecast to fund projects successfully.
Engineering Consulting Firms Toronto

Getting Started

To successfully comply with the Ontario Building Code, which is achieved through mandatory inspections for permits, contact Keller Engineering at 1-888-940-0571. We’re available to answer your questions & concerns about building inspections in Greater Toronto Area, Greater Toronto Area engineering, and can get started right away.

Service Offerings

Get to know our Greater Toronto Area engineering & building inspection services:

Toronto Engineering Consulting Firms

Engineering Services for Public Infrastructure

Keller Engineering collaborates with public facilities throughout Greater Toronto Area, managing design, rehabilitation and modernization for various buildings such as educational institutions, embassies and government facilities. Our specialized services for Greater Toronto Area-based clients include:

  • Detailed building condition assessments
  • Tenant interior design services
  • Comprehensive investigation and testing
  • Mechanical and electrical system upgrades and repair assessments
  • Design and project management of building rehabilitation projects in occupied spaces
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Expertise in Commercial and Residential Buildings

Keller Engineering has a rich history of experience in servicing diverse properties, including commercial complexes, community housing, co-operatives, retirement homes, and more. Our services are perfectly suited to help Greater Toronto Area-based property owners with:

  • Comprehensive building condition assessments
  • Consultation and project administration for new construction or expansion projects
  • Tenant interior design modification
  • Energy audits and grant support
  • Design and management of building rehabilitation projects in occupied spaces
  • Mechanical and electrical infrastructure improvements and reinforcement
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Engineering Solutions for Condominiums

We are pleased to support condominium property managers across Greater Toronto Area with a range of service alternatives:

  • Reserve fund studies and planning
  • Performance and technical audits
  • Comprehensive investigations and testing
  • Energy efficiency audits and grant support
  • Design and organization of building rehabilitation projects in occupied spaces
  • Mechanical and electrical system retrofits and rehabilitation
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Consult With Our Engineering Experts

Dedicated to engineering excellence, Keller Engineering is committed to bringing your vision to life through our comprehensive services. Renowned nationally for engineering superiority, we prioritize meeting crucial deadlines while ensuring our project leads remain accessible to you whenever needed. Consult with our expert team to discover how Keller Engineering can help your project reach its full potential.