Pre-Construction Inspection

Meet building codes, and pass inspections so you can enjoy a smooth project. We will ensure that the designs for your project are consistent with the planned construction.

A home is your largest investment. It’s more than just a structure. It’s a place that you can call your own. A space you can relax at the end of the day, start new traditions, raise a family, and make memories with friends. Your home should be safe and secure. Don’t leave anything to chance with the roof over your head. Get a professional assessment of your home so you can have peace of mind that your home is sound.

Keller Engineering is comprised of professional engineers with extensive experience and training. Our highly-skilled team uses the latest technology to ensure that you receive a comprehensive audit, including photos, cost estimates, and a detailed summary — so you can make informed decisions.

What Is A Pre-Construction Inspection?

A pre-construction inspection is a critical review of your building plan to ensure that your drawings are structurally sound, that every detail is accounted for, and that every aspect of your design and build will meet the Ontario Building Code. This inspection will identify potential problems before construction begins, which will save you money and time, and will help to ensure a quality build.

If you need design services for your new home, addition or renovation, we can provide those services.

At Keller Engineering Engineers, we provide pre-construction inspections by professional engineers who are licensed by one of the 12 licensing bodies in Canada and adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards.

What Is Included In Pre-Construction Inspection?

Here is what you can expect during a pre-construction inspection:

  1. A member of our team will connect with you to discuss the inspection and arrange a suitable time to conduct the inspection.
  2. Our engineer will examine the following elements to ensure that every detail is noted and meets the Ontario Building Code:
    • Foundation
    • Framing
    • Structure
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Heating
    • Wall assemblies
    • Insulation
    • Vapour barrier
    • Window & door installations
    • Flashing
    • Roofing
    • Caulking
    • Soffit
    • Etc.
  3. Following the inspection, the engineer will prepare a detailed written report outlining next steps and any recommendations.

Once your construction has begun, we can make arrangements to conduct progress inspections and a pre-delivery inspection to ensure that your new home has been constructed as per the design, specifications, and is free from defects.

Progress Inspections

A progress inspection includes regular inspections during the course of the construction of your new home. Inspections, set at predetermined stages of construction, are the best way to ensure quality throughout the construction process and to make sure that nothing is missed.

Pre-Delivery Inspections

A pre-delivery inspection is a critical review of your newly completed build to make note of anything in your new home that is damaged, missing, incomplete, or that cannot be inspected at the time. 

Our inspection service will present you with a list of defects to be corrected by the builder prior to occupancy or ownership. If any items are not resolved by the time you take possession of your new home, you may report them to Tarion using the applicable warranty form.

At Keller Engineering Engineers, we provide pre-delivery inspections by professional engineers who are licensed by one of the 12 licensing bodies in Canada and adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards.

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