5 Reasons Condominium Managers Need A Trusted Building Engineering Partner

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As a condominium manager, your day to day tasks can get pretty overwhelming. The best thing you can do is eliminate as many problems as possible before they even exist.

Whether the condominium is in the design process or a couple of years old, having a trusted building engineer partner is crucial for maintaining your condominium buildings’ physical and fiscal well-being.

Why should condominium managers have a trusted and dependable building engineer partner?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits below:

1. Inspections, done honestly and with Integrity.

By having a dependable building engineer that you can trust, you know they will get the job done to the highest standards. A restoration project, reserve fund study, or performance audit is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and if not done correctly, can cost you a pretty penny in legal fees.

At Keller Jansen, our engineers are fully certified and are the top experts in the industry. We believe in delivering you the facts precisely and in a detailed manner to ensure you are fully educated on the information.

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2. Expertise and experience are key.

Being a condo manager, you are fully aware of the importance of a complete, professional restoration project, reserve fund study or any other project your community requires. For those who don’t, a reserve fund study contains money necessary to maintain a condominiums’ complex physical infrastructure. This reserve fund study must be prepared and processed by a qualified specialist, like an engineer. A reserve fund study must be carried out periodically, or more specifically, every 3 years.

It is important to remember that a reserve fund study is based on approximations. That is why it is crucial to hire engineers who are highly experienced and knowledgeable. Having an educated guess that is far from the actual amount you need in the future is a huge problem to run into when the funds are required. Flawed projections from your hired engineer can result in emergency repairs and replacing components earlier than expected.

We don’t stand for cutting corners. We know how important the functionality of your condominium is to you. Our reserve fund study includes a physical analysis, which lists each component forming the study’s basis and consists of the quantity, estimated replacement cost, and estimated remaining useful life for each component. We are proud that no other firm offers these benefits.

3. It’s the little details that are vital.

The first year of your new condominium opening is a big one, to say the least! Aside from dealing with construction work, budget issues, and setting the tone with residents and owners, a performance audit must be completed within the first year.

A condo performance audit is intended to review the as-built development for general conformance with the provided design drawings and corporation documents and to confirm there are no defects. These observations are visual in nature and include a site and exterior building analysis. Every detail in this step is vital, and nothing should go unnoticed.

Having a top of the line engineer complete your performance audit is essential. At Keller Engineering, we are detail-driven. We have the experience and expertise to perform a performance audit allowing you to set the procedures in place for future maintenance and financial stability.

4. Hardware does matter!

The more certifications and qualifications, the better. These kinds of achievements shouldn’t go unnoticed when searching for a trusted building partner. If an engineering company is willing to go above and beyond to achieve these qualifications, you can imagine they will do the same when working on your condominium services.

With over 20 years of experience, our team has seen it all. We take pride in being the best of the best, and it shows in our work. Our trophy case of qualifications and achievements assures you of the quality of work we bring to the table.

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5. One-stop for condominium services

Many elements go on behind the scenes during the development and maintenance of condominiums. Finding an engineering company that offers a wide range of services will help keep project management under control. It’s best to keep everything under one roof. Communication is essential when discussing the performance and reserve study audit; by having your own engineering staff on hand, you know the quality you will be getting at all times.

Keller Engineering Engineers offers a full range of consulting engineering services to Condominium Associations. We are the experts you can count on in all your condominium services.

Are you looking for condo engineering services?

At Keller Jansen Engineers, we are expert condominium building engineers that conduct performance audits, condo reserve fund study, BB19R services, energy and water consumption reporting, and building restoration projects.

Our professionally certified engineers use sound, practical engineering judgment when evaluating and inspecting buildings.

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