Your Condominium Engineers & Reserve Fund

Studies in Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Calgary & Edmonton

Over the past 39 years, Keller Engineering has worked on a wide range of condominiums across Canada, performing reserve fund studies, performance audits, building investigations, recapitalization projects and reserve fund planning in Ontario and Alberta areas. We offer a suite of services designed specifically to meet the unique needs of condominium property managers and their boards, and have proven experience in designing projects for occupied buildings to minimize owner disruption without compromising the quality of the project. Our approachable and accountable project leaders ensure a quick response time to any request.

Condominium Services Include:

  • Reserve Fund Studies
  • Reserve Fund Planning
  • Performance Audits
  • Technical Audits
  • Investigations and Testing
  • Energy Audits and Incentive Grant Assistance
  • Building Rehabilitation Project Design and Coordination in Occupied Properties
  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems Upgrades and Repairs

Our management team would be pleased to meet with condominium boards and property managers to discuss our services and how Keller Engineering can assist you with your building maintenance needs.

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