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EWRB – Are You Ready?

 Energy & Water Reporting & Benchmarking

EWRB – Energy & Water Reporting & Benchmarking

Buildings 100,000 square feet and larger must report their 2018 calendar year energy consumption by July 1, 2019.  Most privately-owned buildings larger than 50,000 square feet must report their annual energy and water consumption by July 1, 2020.

Why was reporting introduced?

Many buildings are already tracking and comparing energy use as part of their standard building management practices. So why has this regulation now been introduced?

The disclosure of building performance information is expected to accomplish the following goals:

  • Motivate Corporations to compete with one another and strive to improve their building’s performance year over year
  • Allow property and financial markets to compare building performance
  • Show the benefits of investing in energy efficiency
  • Facilitate local and nationwide comparison of the energy performance of similar buildings (using the Energy Star scores awarded once reports are submitted)

Do only high-rise buildings need to report?

Reporting is required for any building or multiple buildings, with a total gross square footage of at least 100,000 (50,000 in 2020).  This includes high-rises, low-rises and large townhome complexes.

A good rule of thumb for 2019 is that high-rise buildings with more than 100 units or  townhome complexes with more than 75 units need to report.

Property assessment guidelines dictate the exact types of applicable buildings, as per the examples below:

  • 309 – Freehold Townhouse/Row house – more than two units in a row with separate ownership
  • 340 – Multi-residential, with 7 or more self-contained units (excludes row-housing
  • 370 – Residential Condominium Unit
  • 379 – Residential phased condominium corporation – condominium project is registered in phases.
  • 380 – Residential common elements condominium corporation – consists only of the common elements not units.

What must be reported?

  • Standard information, such as the Corporation number, address, contact number and email address
  • The Corporation’s Ontario EWRB ID number
  • The assessment roll number and property code for the Corporation. This number can be found on the property assessment and tax bill or on the notice provided by the Ministry
  • Utility bills (water, gas and electricity bills) for 2018. If concise bills are not available, the utility companies can provide summaries
  • Corporation’s gross floor area

Who may report?

Corporations may self-report, or direct a third party to do so on their behalf; however, regulations require independent verification of data every 5 years.

If a Corporation has chosen to self-report, a board member or building staff may do so. Acceptable third parties include a member of the Corporation’s management team, an engineer or an energy reporting company employee.

Who may verify data?

If your building is larger than 1000,000 square feet the data submitted in the first year of reporting must be verified by an accredited or certified professional, and then every five years thereafter.  Data verification is voluntary if your building is less than 50,000 square feet.

People with any of the following accreditations or certifications may verify data:

  • Professional Engineers of Ontario
  • Building Energy Technology Certificate
  • Building Operator Certification
  • Building Science Specialist of Ontario
  • Certified Building Commissioning Professional
  • Certified Energy Auditor
  • Certified Master Inspector
  • Certified Measurement and Verification Professional
  • Portfolio Manager certifications

How long does the reporting process take?

Although the reporting process is detailed and multi-stepped, diligent Building Managers can accomplish this task on their own.

Where do you start?

The Ministry of Energy might mail the Corporation written notification of the need to report complete with the EWRB ID number. The Corporation itself can request an EWRB ID number by emailing or by calling 1-844-274-0689.

Where to turn for help?

A guide to the EWRB report is posted on the website for the Ministry of Energy. Official government support is available by emailing EWRB or by calling 1-844-274-0689.

Alternatively, contact Keller Engineering for assistance with your reporting requirements. Whether you need first-year data verified or the entire report completed, Keller Engineering has a team ready to partner with Corporations.

Let us walk you through our straightforward checklist that clearly identifies the steps you need to take to ensure your Corporation is EWRB compliant by July 1, 2019.

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