About Us

Keller Engineering is a building envelope engineering and building science firm that provides building and systems assessment and associated repair and renewal consulting services. Since the company’s formation in 1982, Keller Engineering has worked with a diverse range of clients across several markets including condominium, commercial, residential and public buildings. Specializing in building envelope engineering and science, our team has the experience and integrity to safeguard your investment.

How we work

Relationships are key to the success of any project. Our project leads work directly with our clients to ensure an open line of communication, accurate information flow and attention to detail. Our team is approachable and connected, ensuring quick response and turn-around times. We have proven experience in designing workflows for occupied buildings to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. We are committed to our clients and the buildings they manage and protect.


  • Canadian Condominium Institute - Eastern Ontario
    • Keller Engineering has been an active member of the Eastern-Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute for 25 years, with employees having served on the board, providing seminars and educational presentations on a variety of condominium engineering related topics.
  • Canadian Condominium Institute - North Alberta
  • Canadian Condominium Institute - South Alberta
  • Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario
  • Ottawa Construction Association
  • Professional Engineers Ontario
  • The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta
  • Building Owners and Management Association