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 Energy & Water Reporting & Benchmarking

EWRB – Are You Ready?

Energy & Water Reporting and Benchmarking regulation is designed to help building owners  improve their building's energy and water efficiency. Read more!

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Window Washing Ottawa

Are Your Roof Anchors Ready for Window Washing This Spring?

Know what type of roof anchors you have and what your requirements are. Read Blog for more information!

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Building Envelope Ottawa

Drones and your Building Envelope

Drones can improve building inspections in 2 main ways: Simplifying access requirements and improving the reliability and permanence of the inspection data.

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Concrete Balcony

“I Want to Cover My Concrete Balcony.”

Modifications to the balcony or application of coverings may require Board approval.Make sure to speak with your Board or Property Manager. Read more! 

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Condo Engineering Ottawa ??

The Pitfalls of Deferring Maintenance and Repairs in Condominiums

Engineering owners & directors are typically more aware of the maintenance costs of their buildings than their freehold-living counterparts. Read more!

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Masonry Walls Ottawa

Efflorescence: That Annoying White Stuff on Masonry Walls

That white powdery substance is called efflorescence, it’s a deposit of soluble salts which is most obvious during the winter. Read more!

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