What Is Involved In Water Leak Repairs In Condominiums?

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Inspections are crucial when determining the safety, reliability and soundness of any structure, whether you own it, manage it, rent it, are looking to sell or purchase it. This is especially true when it comes to searching for troubling water leaks that can cause significant problems.

As plumbing systems in condominium buildings are largely connected, one person’s water leak can quickly become the whole building’s water catastrophe. Therefore, condo property managers need to stay on top of leak checks for toilets, faucets, balconies, roofs, basements and more.

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Detecting Water Leaks In Condos

Take a look at just a few things our Keller Engineering Engineers consider when examining a structure to determine if water leak issues are present:

Water meters

Water Meter

One of the first things we’ll look at is your building’s water meter. We’ll advise you to issue a notice to the tenants of your building to refrain from using water for a period of time, and we will turn off the water source throughout the building. If the water meter continues to run once it has been turned off, this typically tells us that there is a leak present.

Toilets & Unit Checks

If a tenant has complained of issues specific to their unit, that’s always a good place to start the inspection. A visual check of the tenant’s toilet to see if the tank is leaking and to see how the water pressure is performing can help to tell us if any water is draining into the condo’s walls.


Keller Engineering will inspect the condominium’s water pipes to ensure they are in proper working order. If the water meter doesn’t signal any leaks, our team will look to identify any moisture present around values, pipes and connectors.

Signs of Mould & Mildew

The two most obvious ways to detect mildew and mould is through visual and smell inspections. Mould and mildew can appear in the corners of rooms near the ceilings and floors. We pay close attention to dark, potentially moist areas such as the bathroom, closets and storage spaces. The smell of the fungi will come off as musty and old.

Basement & Crawl Space Leaks

As mentioned above, mould and mildew love small, dark spaces. That’s because leaks can discreetly hide in these areas and go undetected for longer periods of time. The engineers at Keller Engineering closely inspect floors, walls, baseboards and corners for signs of water, discoloration or stains and mould.

We can also use infra-red technology to take a deeper look into the walls of your building and what lies beneath.

Roof, Gutters, and Downspouts Condition

One of the most common reasons leaks occur is due to improperly installed or failing roofs. Therefore, part of leak inspection should always include a review of your condo building’s shingle condition. In addition, we take a look at your water draining systems such as your gutters and downspouts to ensure water is moving away from your home in an appropriate manner.

Outdoor Wall Discolouration

Are the exterior walls of your condo building stained and discoloured from leaks and puddles of water that can’t drain? If so, this may be a sign that the exterior ground around your building was not sloped correctly, allowing water to move away from your condo’s foundation.

How Engineers Repair Leak Issues

To address your leak concerns, we’ll create a strategic plan that will ensure your building is equipped with proper sealing, caulking, up to date pipes and plumbing systems, new roofing, improved downspouts and gutters, water appliances and more.

If major construction or demolition is needed to remove damaged walls, foundation, or to properly slope exterior concrete, we’ll also provide the best recommendations and specific next steps you’ll need to take.

When it comes to the health of your tenants, our team is also dedicated to providing environmental services where air quality tests can determine if the presence of mould and mildew are unsafe. We can then help to schedule the responsible removal of these toxic fungi.

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Leaks can cause homeowners and condo managers hefty water damage bills. To put a stop to leak issues before they occur, or before they worsen, contact the professionals at Keller Engineering Engineers. We’ll assess the situation and provide comprehensive solutions that meet your specific needs.

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