Environmental Engineering

Keeping buildings & people healthy with expert environmental engineering services

When it comes to your home and the air you breathe, you need to protect yourself. At Keller Engineering Engineers, we provide environmental engineering services to limit your risk of becoming sick due to poor air quality, mould, or asbestos.

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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Air pollutants can be particulate matter (dust), odors, gases, smoke, viruses or house-dust mites, among others. Chemical or biological contaminants can also be a concern. Some sources are airborne; some are not. Control is difficult, and in some cases, it is impossible or impractical. Learn how to protect yourself today.


Mould Remediation & Mould Abatement

The problem of mould is one that no building owner or manager can afford to ignore. Mould has been suggested as one possible factor in so-called Sick Building Syndrome. The unusual weather conditions in recent years have provided good conditions for the growth of toxigenic fungi and increased the potential for human exposure. Learn more about mould today.


Problem of Mould
environmental asbestos

Asbestos Removal

Sometimes problems arise that require the expert diagnosis and evaluation of an engineer. That’s where Keller Engineering Engineers comes in. We can diagnose specific problems and give you concrete answers to questions like “Why is this happening?” and “What should I do to correct it?”

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