Engineering Consulting Firms in Eastern Ontario

Keller Engineering has provided professional consulting services for repairs, maintenance and modifications for condominiums, commercial and residential buildings, and public properties for over 38 years.

Since 1982, our engineers have worked with condominium boards and property managers. With decades of experience navigating building repair and modification projects, they understand all of their nuances. This enables them to anticipate any complexities that might come up during your project and help prepare you for them in advance.

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Keller Engineering has over 38 years of experience completing projects related to schools, restaurants, embassies, single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, and commercial complexes.

We can help you plan cost-effective additions and repairs on your property that cause minimal disruption while guaranteeing the complete safety of workers and occupants.

Our trusted engineering consulting firm can help with building studies, performance audits, energy assessments, and the planning for mechanical or electrical upgrades for various building types. We have developed site and project plans for initiatives that can range between maintenance and rehabilitation to teardowns and complete overhauls.

We are accustomed to working in a way that protects occupants from disruption and danger through careful consideration of any and all project elements that can have an impact.

Reserve Fund Studies – Working with condominium groups across eastern Ontario, we have developed a proficiency in reserve fund analysis.


Over the years, our engineering firm in Eastern Ontario has brought the team’s experience and expertise to each of our clients’ projects. Our services include:

Services Catering To Condominium Groups

Condo groups entrust us to help preserve their asset’s value. Our services for condominium property managers include:

  • Reserve fund studies
  • Structural inspections
  • Foundation inspections
  • Help with energy audits and grants
  • Architectural design drawings
  • Structural drawings

Commercial and Residential Building Work

Our company has extensive experience working on commercial and residential buildings in Eastern Ontario, using an approach that ensures minimal disruption for building occupants.
For property managers, we provide:

  • Checking the condition of buildings
  • Constructing new buildings and adding onto existing ones
  • Setting up interiors for tenants
  • Investigating and testing buildings
  • Conducting energy audits and helping with grant applications
  • Designing and managing projects to fix up buildings while people still use them
  • Upgrading and fixing mechanical and electrical systems

Engagements With Public Buildings

Stewards of public buildings are among our many partners. We’ve completed projects that helped reduce energy and electricity usage for clients while conducting evaluations to assess building conditions.
Our services also include:

  • Checking the condition of buildings
  • Setting up spaces inside buildings for tenants
  • Examining and testing things
  • Planning and managing building renovations while people are still using them
  • Fixing and upgrading mechanical and electrical systems

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