How Drones Are Changing Engineering and Building Inspections

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From mechanical arms assisting doctors in surgery to drones delivering online shopping packages, technology is quickly transforming how we work in every field. Every industry is maximizing their potential with new and exciting programs and machinery, and the engineering and building inspection sector is no exception.

At Keller Jansen Engineer, we are always reading up on the latest and greatest engineering innovations. In today’s blog, we talk about the use of drones in building inspections, and how they’ve greatly improved the speed, accuracy, and safety of the entire process.

Inspections Take Much Less Time With A Drone

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone can complete a building inspection in a fraction of the time required for an engineer to complete the same inspection. A high-resolution thermographic camera allows customers to locate where their facilities may be leaking energy through gaps in the roof or elsewhere where there may be wet insulation.

Drones can be used during property condition assessment evaluations to evaluate roofs and other hard to reach exteriors of the building envelope. At Keller Jansen Engineers, we are experts at building envelope solutions and inspections.

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Drones Increase Safety Of Engineers

It goes without saying that the use of drones for large scale building inspections greatly reduces the risk of injury to engineers. A drone allows the highly trained technician to keep his or her feet on the ground, while taking pictures of any possible “hot spots” that need to be later removed or marked for further analysis.

Given this added health and safety benefit, engineers can focus on other aspects of their job such as analyzing the footage and identifying structural deficiencies. 

Engineers flying a drone over construction site.

Drone Technology Has Really Taken Flight

It’s entirely common for photographers to use drones to capture cinematic shots, and real estate agents to use them to take aerial footage of a home, so why not apply them to building inspections as well?

The technological advances that come with drones allow for faster and more precise media sharing, streaming, and back up. UAV’s not only transfer useful information to engineers faster, but they also make it much easier to review any issues with the client.

Drones Are Cost-Effective  

The cost of using drones is a lot less than you would find with other solutions. Other solutions, such as those that come with planes or other aerial options, require a huge monetary investment. A drone costs less than manual labour.

UAV’s are an exciting new development in the building engineering sector. Drones will help improve facility maintenance planning and budgeting, are the safest way to conduct night time infrared scanning, and are a huge benefit to field technicians who need to locate and repair rooftop damage.

Close up of drone screen.

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