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Upcoming Changes to Prompt Payment Legislation – The Effect on Condominium Restoration Projects

Brian McCandie, B.Eng.   Effective October 1st, 2019, major changes to the Ontario Construction Act will affect the requirements for payment to contractors. We foresee that these changes will require condominium boards and property managers to adjust the way they typically process payment to contractors working on restoration projects. Current Standards for Release of Payment […]

Standard Insurable Unit Description

Standard Insurable Unit Description As defined in Section 60.1 (c), a Standard Insurable Unit Description is a description of “notional typical standard fixtures and finishing in a residential unit or class of residential units,” provided to purchasers by the developer, or adopted by the corporation. Basically, the description lists all base-level finish materials and fixtures […]

EWRB – Are You Ready?

EWRB – Energy & Water Reporting & Benchmarking Buildings 100,000 square feet and larger must report their 2018 calendar year energy consumption by July 1, 2019.  Most privately-owned buildings larger than 50,000 square feet must report their annual energy and water consumption by July 1, 2020. Why was reporting introduced? Many buildings are already tracking […]

Drones and your Building Envelope

Drones seem to be everywhere right now. Advancement in camera technology have long assisted in developing new techniques in assessment and maintenance of buildings. The infrared camera allowed us to look at specific wall conditions without exploratory openings. Articulating cameras on borescopes allow us to inspect cavities using only small openings. Endoscopic cameras allow us […]

“I Want to Cover My Concrete Balcony.”

Your attempt to cover the surface of your concrete balcony may be causing more harm than good. Exposed concrete balconies are not always the most attractive, however, certain types of balcony coverings can contribute to premature deterioration of the concrete and reinforcing steel. Concrete deterioration is the result of corrosion of the reinforcing steel, which […]